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Welcome to Notre-Dame Bordeaux, an international boarding school in Bordeaux since 1610.


Located in the heart of BORDEAUX and housed in a spatious eightenth century Building,

NOTRE-DAME BORDEAUX is a famous secondery French school.


Its dynamic and highly qualified team focuses on the individual student, gaining academic success and personal fulfillment. 


Immerse yourself in French language at NDB Int'l, short and long courses, winter and summer programmes.


Students aged 15-22 come to Notre Dame Bordeaux to learn French. We are offering complete French immersion courses in France, which support French language learning and integrate international pupils into our everyday classrooms as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to teach students of all backgrounds to speak French fluently, fast, allowing every student to join our boarding pupils quickly, smoothly and seamlessly. We also offer short programmes for non-permanent pupils who may be keen to give their French skills a boost.

Find out more about our foreign language study throughout the academic year, as well as our shorter summer and winter French immersion courses, by contacting us:


mob - +33 677 302 503

ÉCOLE : 2 RUE TOULOUSE LAUTREC 33000 BORDEAUX - TEL : 05 56 48 52 67 • COLLÈGE / LYCÉE : 13 RUE CASTÉJA 33000 BORDEAUX - TEL : 05 56 00 69 00

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